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AS A TRANSFORMER AGES, ITS PROBABILITY FOR FAILURE INCREASES With a proper condition assessment and maintenance program, power transformers can continue to provide reliable service far beyond the average transformer life expectancy. In fact, the use of aggressive asset management strategies is changing the way we view the expected lifespan of power transformers. It is a fact that some customers have power transformers on their systems that have been in service for over 45 years!
Industrial Tests has a proven method for estimating the remaining service life of a transformer. This method builds upon a comprehensive condition assessment program based on IEC/IEEE standards. The process is designed to systematically identify changes in transformer condition. Adapted life assessment program can considerably reduce the risk of transformer failure and extend the life of your valuable capital assets.


Our typical life assessment program for power transformer evaluation includes the following:


  1. Review of historical test results and operating conditions,
  2. Comparison of recent test results versus the historic results for the unit and similar designs,
  3. Review of the OEM design and specifications,
  4. Site inspection,
  5. Electrical tests of the integrity of the transformer,
  6. Electrical insulation quality tests for the paper and oil insulation systems,
  7. A full battery of oil diagnostics,
  8. Thermal analysis.



We, at ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES, offers the relocation of distribution and power transformers and also the associated equipment in the safe and controlled movement of large transformers; ensuring the integrity of the transformers. The works include uplifting and movement of old/new units to new sites/location as well as installation, testing and commissioning of old/new equipment which can be carried out to the customer's requirements as applicable.

An average scope of works for the relocation of a power transformer would include the following key activities:


  1. Planning Activities transport routes, CDM coordination, Risk Assessment, Method Statements, lifting plans, etc,
  2. Install impact recorder to monitor the shocks if any during the handling/transportation activities
  3. Preliminary inspection, testing and removal of mineral insulating oil
  4. Mechanical dismantle of auxiliaries equipment
  5. Packaging for the shipment
  6. Uplifting, loading, transport, offloading and final positioning at new location
  7. Secondary inspection and testing following transport
  8. Re-assembly of auxiliaries equipment and installation checks
  9. Vacuum, Oil filling and final oil circulation
  10. Final testing, commissioning and energization of the transformer
  11. Re-use, recycling or responsible disposal of redundant equipment

MES places significant emphasis on basic project planning works to facilitate the simultaneous delivery of activities that minimize the program schedule whilst still maintaining all quality, safety and environmental standards.



ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES team/experts has been completing the installation and commissioning of high voltage equipment for over 15 years on power plant, transmission and distribution substations for government and private sectors in Pakistan.
We are offering to our clients' project management, transformer erection, testing and commissioning of any transformer brands up to 800kV at cost effective manner which focus on delivering all services at the highest quality, safety, environmental and industry standards.

Our experienced team uses their professional knowledge to work closely with clients to identify and control every conceivable factor of the project to ensure:


  1. all site and program schedules are maintained,
  2. all reports/documents are in place,
  3. Furthermore any potential variations are counterbalanced.

An average scope of works for the installation/testing/commissioning of a power transformer would include the following key activities:

  1. Planning Activities,
  2. Risk Assessment, Method Statements, installation plan/schedule, etc,
  3. Preliminary inspection prior starting erection work and kick of meeting held,
  4. Erection of the auxiliaries' equipment,
  5. Vacuum, Oil filling and final oil circulation,
  6. Final testing, commissioning and energization of the transformer

MES has extensive expertise, know-how knowledge with abundant experience in erection and commissioning of all types of transformers. Combination of highly skilled personnel and modern handling equipment enhances the speed and efficiency of this vital operation.


Installation And Testing of Earthpits

  1. Cable Fault Location
  2. Cable Termination
  3. Cable Testing
  4. Hi-pot Testing
  5. Insulation Resistance Test