ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES is a company owned and managed by Professionals.
ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES is professionally and technically equipped to handle projects in any field of design, construction and implementation. ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES specializes in the manufacture, modification and maintenance of switchboards, motor control centers, LV,MV/HV Control Panels and Distribution Transformers.


Transformer oil testing from ITS – determine transformer oil properties and identify issues, fast.
Oil Rig

Transformer oil is crucial in the cooling process of a transformer. Electrical and thermal stress or chemical contamination can cause failures and reduced component life. Our transformer oil testing services offer you a complete solution to your transformer testing needs. We provide you with fast analyses to IEC, ASTM, and ISO standards, helping you identify issues quickly.
Why choose transformer oil testing from ITS?

We can help you:
Determine the basic electrical properties of transformer oil
Identify if an oil is suitable for further use
Detect whether filtration or regeneration is needed
Enhance component life and reduce oil costs
Maximize safety and prevent untimely failures
Gain crucial historical data to understand changes or increases in key gases and the rate of gas production with our LIMS software
Access your results fast – your data and analysis reports are available via our live web interface, so you can access your data at any time

Trusted Transformer Oil Testing from a Leading Provider

As a leading supplier of transformer oil services, we offer you the expertise, resources and experience you need.

Our specific diagnostic analyses include:

Moisture analysis – IEC 60814
Dielectric breakdown – IEC 60156
Acidity – IEC 60296
Interfacial surface tension (IFT) – ISO 6295
Dissipation factor and resistivity (DDF) – IEC 60247
Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) – IEC 60567 and IEC 60599
PCB tests – ASTM D4059
Furan analysis – IEC 61198
DBPC analysis ASTM D4768
Density – ASTM D4052
Viscosity – ASTM D445
Corrosive sulfur test – ASTM D1275B
Oxidation – IEC 61125
Sediment and sludge – AS 1883
Flash point – ASTM D3828
Pour point – ASTM D97
Particle count – NAS 1638 & ISO 4406
Wear metal analysis – ASTM D5185
Degree of polymerization – ASTM D4243

We also have the ability and expertise to test a wide range of mineral, synthetic ester, natural ester and silicone electrical oils to a variety of standards. Please see some examples below:

Fluids for electrotechnical applications – mineral insulating oils for electrical equipment – IEC 60296
Mineral insulating oils in electrical equipment – supervision and maintenance guidance – IEC 60422
Recycled mineral insulating oil for transformers and switchgear – specification – BS148
Insulating liquids – specifications for unused synthetic organic esters for electrical purposes – IEC 61099
Synthetic organic esters for electrical purposes – guide for maintenance of transformer esters in equipment – IEC 6293
Fluids for electrotechnical applications – unused natural esters for transformers and similar electrical equipment – IEC 61203
Specifications for unused silicone insulating liquids for electrotechnical purposes – IEC 60836
Guide for the maintenance of silicone transformer liquids – IEC 60944

Gas Content
Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) – IEC 60567 (modified)

Oil Quality (Routine tests)
Appearance and Fibers – IEC 60422
Color rating – ASTM D1500
Moisture Content – IEC 60814
Acidity (potentiometric titration) – IEC 62021 part 1
Breakdown voltage – IEC 60156
Dielectric Dissipation Factor (DDF), Resistivity (IRes) and Permittivity – IEC 60247

Oil Quality (Complementary tests)
Interfacial Tension – ASTM D971
Sediment content – IEC 60422 Annex C.1
Sludge content – IEC 60422 Annex C.2
Elemental Analysis by ICP – ASTM D5185
Particle count – IEC 60970:1989 and 2007, ISO 4406

Oil Quality (Special investigative tests)
Potentially corrosive sulfur (copper and paper) – IEC 62535
Corrosive sulfur (copper strip) – ASTM D1275 B
Corrosive sulfur (silver strip) – DIN 51353
Dibenzyl Disulfide (DBDS) – IEC 62697
Oxidation Stability – IEC 61125
Aromatic content determined by FTIR spectrum (DDB) – IEC 60590
Density – ISO 12185/IP365
Kinematic Viscosity – ISO 3104/IP 71/ASTM D445
Flash Point (PMCC) – ISO 2719/ IP34/ASTM D93
Flash Point (Cleveland) – ISO 2592/IP36/ASTM D92
Fire Point (Cleveland) – ISO 2592/IP36/ASTM D92
Pour Point – ISO 3016/IP15/ASTM D97
Total Sulfur by WDXRF – ASTM D2622
Refractive Index – ASTM D1218
Platinum-Cobalt Scale – ASTM D1209
Polycyclic Aromatics – IP346

Oxidation Inhibitor (DBPC) – IEC 60666
Passivator content – IEC 60666 Annex B

Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) – IEC 61619 and IP 462

Paper Quality
Furan analysis – IEC 61198
Phenol analysis – IEC 61198 (modified)
Estimated Degree of Polymerization – calculation
Methanol in Transformer Oil by GCMS – in house method

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  • Winding Resistance Test
  • Partial discharge
  • Transformer Turn Ratio Test
  • Capacitance & Dissipation Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • SFRA

Our expert in this field will take you to the brain storming course sessions of technical, practical and academic interests. We have developed a series of training courses to teach knowledge and product-specific skills to help maintenance personnel accurately troubleshoot and repair the equipment.

Commitment to Quality:
We have developed a quality-oriented development process from the early research stage to the final industrialization of services, to ensure the highest quality standards.

Customer Satisfaction:
We are committed to customer satisfaction. We pay attention to customer suggestions and requests and we do our best to fulfill their needs. We always try to meet Customers needs with suitable customizations of the proposed solutions through our training courses.

Experience & Professionalism:
We always trust on our experience and professionalism and offer to the customer our precious support and training activity for any kind of problem they could have.

ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES as a training institute have a vision to equip and enable people and businesses to perform at their highest potential. Our mission is to make a meaningful impact by providing the expertise through professional trainings and gave solutions needed to solve business challenges and attain ultimate performance results

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  • Dehydration and Filtration of Transformer oil
  • HV/LV seals replacement
  • Main gas kit replacement
  • Sludge removal
  • Winding cleaning & repairs
  • Oil replacement
  • Replacement of silica gel
  • Replacement of buchholz relay
  • Rewinding of transformer
  • Repairing of transformer body

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  • Over Current/Earth Fault Relay Testing
  • Differential Relay Testing
  • Over Voltage/Under Voltage Relay Testing
  • Frequency Relay Testing
  • Distance Relay Testing

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Rotating machines, such as generators and motors, are highly important assets in power generation and industrial applications. Machine reliability and availability are crucial to ensure a reliable power supply. Premature failure may lead to significant economic losses, due to unexpected outages and possible damage to the asset itself.

To plan maintenance effectively, it is essential to have accurate condition information about when components need repairing or replacing.

A variety of off-line and on-line diagnostic methods conducted during commissioning and acceptance testing as well as in-service maintenance on rotating machines allow a reliable insulation condition assessment.

For all of these diagnostic methods, we offer you the matching testing and monitoring solution. With these solutions, you can perform a fast and accurate condition assessment on a variety of electrical machines to identify potential problems and risks quickly.

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  • Rotor windings
  • Stator windings
  • Slip rings
  • AVR
  • Bridge rectifier
  • DC starting motor
  • Excitation
  • ECM

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  • Winding Resistance Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • C&DF Test
  • Partial Discharge Test

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Circuit breakers perform three main tasks: When closed, they must conduct the current as effectively as possible. When open, they must insulate the contacts from one another as effectively as possible. In the event of a malfunction, they must disconnect the fault current as quickly and reliably as possible, thereby protecting all subsequent equipment. In the US market and regions of frequent earthquakes, the most popular high-voltage circuit breakers are "dead tank" units, whereas in central Europe "live tank" breakers are standard. In other parts of the world, both circuit breaker types can be found.

In the worst case, a circuit breaker might stand still for several years, but then, in the event of a malfunction, it has to disconnect fault currents of many kiloamps reliably within just a few milliseconds. Typical faults that occur on circuit breakers are short circuits in the coils, incorrect behavior, for example due to worn contacts, as well as damage/wear to the mechanical connections or the insulation material. Therefore, circuit breakers need to be regularly and carefully tested.

Circuit breaker testing typically focuses on performing motion and time measurements on the units. However, our testing solutions have revolutionized circuit breaker testing. The testing solutions we offer include systems that can supply power during the testing process and are capable of measuring the micro-ohm resistance across the closed contacts. Performing the tests without use of the station battery greatly increases safety throughout the testing process.

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This is the age of professionals. ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES is a company owned and managed by professionals: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineers to take care of the operational details. This team is backed by a fully functional support services group comprising of individuals qualified in their respective fields.

ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES is professionally and technically equipped to handle projects in any field of design, construction and implementation. ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES specializes in the manufacture, modification and maintenance of switchboards, motor control centers, LV,MV/HV Control Panels and Distribution Transformers

To achieve this end, ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES has prepared a formidable line up of professionals and consultants in its folds. Every effort has been made to equip the enterprise with the latest expertise, competent staff and technical facilities. A strong core team is Omni present around which revolve several satellite teams that vary in structure depending on the client-cum-project’s requirement.

Now ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES is the Leading Engineering, Manufacturing and Service provider in Pakistan in the Field of Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. The objective of ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES is to provide optimum construction and design solutions to the customers. The firm has strong convictions in its quality policy that enables it to deliver the exact requirements of the client on time and as per need. We at ISAAA TECHNICAL SERVICES aim to reach new heights in various Engineering Sectors and pray to Allah to help us to become one of the leading construction, Manufacturing and service providers in the local & International Market.

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To achieve this end, Isaaa Tech has prepared a
formidable line up of professionals and consultants in its folds

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